Social Work Online Degree - What Are Your Expectations For The Future?

So you're thinking about studying for a Social Work Online
Degree, but in the back of your mind you are thinking - What
type of Person do i need to be? What kind of work will be
involved? What will my education and training look like and how
much can i expect to be paid?

So lets have a look at these:-

Well as a person, it goes without saying, you will have to be
compassionate, patient, tactful and highly sensitive to the
needs of your clients. You will need to be fully commited to
promoting the welfare of the people you work with.

You will be looking to provide advice, support and counselling
to people with a wide variety of problems, such as alcoholism,
depression, disabilities or homelessness. You are looking to
help people focus, so they can live and cope with their
environment. You may look to specialize in a certain area, such

Medical Work
The Elderly
Working with Families

A bachelors Degree in Social Work is the minimum requirement for
all Social workers, however, if you have a major in Psychology
or Sociology you may also qualify for entry level jobs.

If you are looking to get involved in Clinical or Health related
jobs, or any administrative, supervisory or training positions
you will require a more advanced Social Work Online Degree. A
Masters in Social Work Degree (MSW) is for anyone planning to
specialize in a particular area.

Dependent on your experience, level of education and
geographical location, you can expect a salary between $25,000
to $60,000 per year. If you are looking at the higher end of the
spectrum, you should look to complete your Masters in Social
Work (MSW)

A recent government survey has revealed, Social Work jobs and
careers are going to become increasingly available for at least
the next 10 years and there will be a particular demand for
Social Workers who specialize in working with the elderly or
substance abusers.

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