Marketing Online Degrees - But Don't Advertise It!

If you are looking to pursue a career within advertising
agencies, corporate marketing, PR firms, Sales or Sales
Departments, then you may wish to consider the range of
Marketing Online Degrees. You will be able to learn marketing
concepts and fundamental business strategies that you will
later be able to apply as a professional in this field.

You will find that nearly every organization in the world
requires the services of marketing professionals and that
includes non-profit organizations as well. What the differing
types of Marketing Online Degrees will teach you is a
revolutionary way to think and act in the workplace.

You may look to bring a product to market, before which you
will perform a detailed market analysis, conduct focus groups,
look at consumer psychology, you may wish to examine certain
cultural trends and all sorts of other analytical work. As for
marketing strategies, there is wide range of online and
offline methods you may wish to consider, depending on the product.

Many colleges now offer Marketing Online degrees, but as a
marketing professional there is a variety of degrees you
may wish to follow, these include:-

Advertising Design
Graphic Design
Public Relations
Visual Communications
Web Development

Many Marketing executives have also obtained MBA's.

Marketing positions and salaries vary depending on seniority
and industry. Market Research analysts can earn anywhere
between $44,000 to $85,000. Marketing copywriters earn the
least amount of money within this field at $44,000. As a
Public Relations Manager you can expect to command an annual
salary of around $75,000 and marketing managers with above
five years experience can earn in excess of $80,000.

There is a whole host of Marketing Online Degrees available to
you and great career path to follow.


Graphic Design Online Degree - The Future Isn't So Sketchy!

A Graphic Design Online Degree curriculum will include such
things as the principles of design, studio art and website
design to name but a few. You will need to show good visual,
verbal and written communication skills, creativity, attention
to detail and be adept at problem solving.

With a Graphic Design Online Degree you may look at careers
within advertising, design or publishing firms and if you aquire
additional animation design and website skills, you may find
yourself in demand for interactive media projects.

You will look to develop the content and context of your
client's message in addition to performing technical layout
work. Most employers will also expect you to be familiar and
keep up to date with the development of computer graphics and
design software.

With a 2 year Associates Graphic Design Online Degree, you can
focus on the technical aspects and can qualify as an assistant
to graphic designers or positions that only require technical
skills. A bachelor's graphic design online degree will qualify
you for more advanced graphic design positions. Not only will this
type of degree equip you with the tehnical skills required, but
will also provide an education in social sciences such as art history,
cultural studies, psychology and sociology which you will find
extremely useful when it comes to working effectively with the
content of your work.

The advertising and publishing industries rely heavily on the
skills of graphic designers and there will be much competition
for positions now and in the future. The average earnings for a
qualified graphic designer can vary from $40,000 to $70,000 a
year. You may choose to have a full-time salaried position or
follow many of your peers and work on a contract or freelance


Finance Online Degree - Show Me The Money!

A Finance Online Degree may be just the thing for you, if you are interested in pursuing a career in business finance..such as asset valuation, financial advising, financial investing, financial markets, financial management and problem solving.

You will find that finance will encompass a wide variety of careers and the associated salaries can differ immensely. I'm sure you can appreciate that a Personal Finance Manager will make a lot more than a bank teller, but will also have to deal with a completely different aspect of finance. There are a number of industries within which you may wish to work with a Finance Online Degree, these include:-

Colleges and Universities
Financial Planning Institutions
Large Corporations and Organizations
Personal Financial Management

Which type of Finance Online Degree are you looking for? Well if you are seeking a competitive position in finance a Bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement, and many upper-level positions will require an MBA or other graduate degree. You will find that many Wall Street Firms actively seek Outstanding students from some of the top colleges and universtities to be hired directly. However, as career advancement in finance is extremely results based, you may find that you can start in a branch office and work your way to the top. If you are a high performer in the finance industry, you will be rewarded regardless of your academic pedigree.

Having studied and completed your Finance Online Degree, you may be pleased to know that the current average salary for a career in finance (for graduates) is $67,000 and the more senior positions, you can expect to earn in excess of $130,000 per annum. Many positions in Finance can also yield additional payments based on a percentage of assets or profits made by a company.


Human Resources Online Degree - Do You Have Skills That People Love?

The majority of companies have a Human Resources department and
it can be said that the organizaions' success or failure depend
largely on the performance and satisfaction of their employees.
With a Human Resources Online Degree you will gain the necessary
knowledge and skills to hire, coach and develop personnel as
well as maintain morale amongst the employees.

The two key components that you can control is the hiring and
retention of employees within a successful business. As a Human
Resources professional, some of your main duties will include:-

Analyzing and arranging competitive employees benefits packages
Answering questions about the benefits package
Handling employee complaints
Organizing and Participating in Training Programs
Advice on career advancement
Processing employee related paperwork

If you are looking at studying a Human Resources Online Degree,
you will find that the minimum qualifications required will vary
depending on the size of the company and your actual career
aspirations. Smaller firms may only require a professional
certificate or an Associate's Degree, whereas, the more
competitive positions are taken by candidates's holding a
Bachelor's or Master's Degree.

You should be aware that there is no actual requisite in terms
of pre-professional studies in this field and many majors or
different subjects may lead to a successful career in Human
Resources. Many companies will offer you, as an employee, the
chance to continue your education to Master's level which will
not only be more advantageous, but can lead to more prestigious
positions, such as senior executive and higher levels of
management within the company.

Should you have a degree, you can expect a starting salary
within Human Resources to range from $37,000 to $48,000 and with
experience and a higher level degree in excess of $50,000 a
year. Many HR managers in larger corporations can earn up to and
over $250,000 per annum.

So a Human Resources Online Degree can lead you to, not only a
rewarding and satisfying career, but also a very lucrative one.


Online Degree in Management - Work Your Way To The Top!

An Online Degree in Management will include courses to help
improve your organizational skills and allow you to adapt to the
changing and evolving work environment, while also improving
your communication skills, productivity and your effectiveness
through education and leadership.

An Online Degree in Management can lead to careers, such as an
accountant, auditor, business development manager, human
resources or marketing manager.

It can be said that effective management makes the difference
between profitability and bankruptcy, therefore as a manager,
you are one of the most essential componenents of any company or

Your educational requirements may vary significantly as a
manager, while certain roles may only require experience in that
field, other managerial posts may require a formal education
along with the on the job experience. You may choose to complete
your Bachelors Degree in Management, which can lead on to your
Master's or PhD in a more specialized sector, such as accounting,
administration, education, finance, marketing or psychology
depending on your desired career aspirations.

Although salaries in management can vary immensely, depending on
your managerial level, size of the organization for which you
work and many other factors, a recent survey has shown the
average earnings for managers is $61,000 per year, with over
half of the managers earning between $44,000 and $85,000 per annum.

You can be sure that an Online Degree in Management will always
be viewed favourably by any company or organization.


Accounting Online Degrees - You do the Maths!

What type of career and rewards can Accounting Online Degrees lead to?

Well as an Accountant you must possess the ability to interpret facts, figures and statistics quickly and in a way that others can understand.

You will be in control of a company's money and are required to prepare reports which will allow the company's hierarchy to evaluate the performance of the company, help investors decide whether they should invest in the company and also inform the government how much tax is owed.

As an Accountant you may choose to work for just one company or you can be employed at accounting firms that handle a multitude of different clients. You may work standard hours all year round, but as a Tax Accountant the months from January to April will be especially busy.

An Accounting Online Degree must be sought from an accredited educational institution as you will find that a degree is essential to become an accountant. You may find that an existing employer may choose to pay a portion of your educational costs.

Once you have completed your Accounting Online Degree, you may also seek professional recognition. Certified Public Accountants (CPA's) are accountants who are licensed by the state within which they work. Please be aware that in order to become and be approved as a CPA, you will be required to complete further coursework and an extremely difficult exam..Only a quarter of people who take this exam each year are actually able to pass every part.

An average salary for a new accountant is in the region of $37,000 per year, however once you have a few years experience under your belt, you can expect to make around $53,000 per year. The top accountants however are earning in excess of $80,000. You will also find that many top level company executives, company presidents or CEO's have a background in accounting.


Online Degree - Teaching For Those Who Love To Learn

Well if you are going to get an online degree, Teaching could be one of the most rewarding degrees and career paths that you may choose to follow.

Do you have a great deal of patience? Would you consider yourself an excellent communicator? Can you help others to think things through logically or adapt to new technology? If you believe that you can help students develop all important life skills, then an online degree in Teaching is just the start.

So what will you do? You will have to plan and evaluate lessons, prepare your students for tests and exams and also administer these. As a Teacher you will be required to gauge your students performance and potential and help them to develop new skills.

If you wish to be an early childhood or public school teacher, it is desirable that you possess a Bachelor's degree in education, with a particular focus. You should be aware that public and private schools prefer you have a Bachelor's Degree in the subject you intend to teach. Candidates are sought from recent college graduates as well as people who have established careers in other fields.

A Bachelor's Degree will require 4 years of study, whereas Graduate degrees, such as a Masters or PhD will require additional years of study, but this will, of course, open up far more opportunity for you as well as an increased salary.

Early childhood educators can expect a salary from $21,000 per year, whereas kindergarten, elementary, middle and secondary teachers can command in excess of $42,000 per year. Finally the earnings of a postsecondary teacher will be in the region of $53,000 per annum. Please be aware all earnings are dependent on your education and experience.


Social Work Online Degree - What Are Your Expectations For The Future?

So you're thinking about studying for a Social Work Online
Degree, but in the back of your mind you are thinking - What
type of Person do i need to be? What kind of work will be
involved? What will my education and training look like and how
much can i expect to be paid?

So lets have a look at these:-

Well as a person, it goes without saying, you will have to be
compassionate, patient, tactful and highly sensitive to the
needs of your clients. You will need to be fully commited to
promoting the welfare of the people you work with.

You will be looking to provide advice, support and counselling
to people with a wide variety of problems, such as alcoholism,
depression, disabilities or homelessness. You are looking to
help people focus, so they can live and cope with their
environment. You may look to specialize in a certain area, such

Medical Work
The Elderly
Working with Families

A bachelors Degree in Social Work is the minimum requirement for
all Social workers, however, if you have a major in Psychology
or Sociology you may also qualify for entry level jobs.

If you are looking to get involved in Clinical or Health related
jobs, or any administrative, supervisory or training positions
you will require a more advanced Social Work Online Degree. A
Masters in Social Work Degree (MSW) is for anyone planning to
specialize in a particular area.

Dependent on your experience, level of education and
geographical location, you can expect a salary between $25,000
to $60,000 per year. If you are looking at the higher end of the
spectrum, you should look to complete your Masters in Social
Work (MSW)

A recent government survey has revealed, Social Work jobs and
careers are going to become increasingly available for at least
the next 10 years and there will be a particular demand for
Social Workers who specialize in working with the elderly or
substance abusers.


Online Degree in Criminal Justice - What About The Next Level?

Are you ready to take it to the next level? It is often said
that the real learning starts at the post graduate level of
education. So what are the benefits to getting an Online Masters
Degree in Criminal Justice?

An Online masters Degree In Criminal Justice will give you ample
preparation for administrative, leadership and management roles
within criminal justice systems such as correctional facilities,
courts, law enforcement organisations, etc. You will be look to
develop new methods of tackling certain problems and issues
within these fields.

An Online masters Degree in Criminal Justice will, of course,
have certain financial rewards attached. As a masters degree
holder within this area, you may command a starting salary in
excess of $60,000 a year and by entering a management position
this can rise to well over $100,000 per annum.

An Online degree in Criminal Justice at Bachelors level, will
cover a broad spectrum of the subject, however at Masters level
you have the opportunity to specialize in one area of Criminal
Justice. A good example of this would be if you decide to
specialize in corrections. Your studies will lead you to an in-
depth research and analysis of the correctional system. Topics
such as current legislation may be of interest to you.

Whatever you reasons or future career choice, studying an Online
masters Degree In Criminal Justice could actually turn out to be
one of the most interesting, insightful and thought provoking
things that you ever do.


Online Engineering Degree - Where Do You See Yourself With An Online Engineering Degree?

Prior to you studying your Online Engineering Degree and
pursuing a career in this field, you will need to decide which
area of engineering you would like to specialize in.

Your online engineering degree specialities include, but are not
limited to, Aerospace, Bio Engineering, Computer Science,
Construction Management, Electrical Management, Environmental,
Information Technology, Mechanical, Software and Telecom

Highly Qualified Engineers are always in demand due to the
meteoric growth of technology. Attaining your online engineering
degree will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to
put these technological advancements to productive use.

Did you know that around 50% of engineers demand an annual
salary of between $60k to $90K? This is a just reward for
capitalizing on your new found expertise in this area, using
scientific methods and principles, which in turn can create a
variety of apparatus, machines and structures, amongst other

Your career choices will vary from Communication, Chemistry,
Nanotechnology, Research, Medicine or even a Governmental career
in Defense. There are definitely many lucrative opprtunites
ahead of you once you have completed your online engineering


Am I Really The Right Type Of Person To Pursue An Online Degree In Psychology?

If you looking for a career that involves interaction with people, then an online degree in Psychology may be something for you to consider. This could lead to a career in Counselling, Human Resources, Social Work, Advertising, Sales, Market Research or you may even wish to specialize in the field of Psychology.

There are many jobs and careers, where your success depends upon how you interact, understand and relate to other people and as Psychology can be defined as "the scientific study of the human mind and its functions", many employers may view a psychology degree holder in high esteem.

There are many prestigious colleges and universities who offer an online degree in Psychology, whether you are looking for your Bachelors, Masters or PHD. In order to attain your Masters or PHD as an online degree in Psychology, you will need a high school diploma or GED and be 22 years of age or above and have some relevant work experience.

There are various online degrees in Psychology to choose from, your decision will largely depend on your chosen career path. You may be interested in Counselling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology, School Psychology, Organisational Psychology or even General Psychology. Before beginning your Online Degree in Psychology and selecting your major, you may wish to choose a foundation course to help steer you in the right direction.


IT Online Degree - Who Else Wants An IT Online Degree?

Are you a fan of the latest technology? Are you always the first
one to own all the latest gadgets, or gaming system. Do your
friends always come to you with computer related problems. Well
in that case have you ever considered an Information Technology
Online Degree (IT Online Degree)?

How about turning that hobby that you love into an fun, exciting
and rewarding career. Computer Programming, network security and
network engineering are just a few of the options available to
you should you wish to study an Information Technology Online

But really, that's nothing...there are countless IT roles that
may suit you :-

Webmaster - Webmasters are always in demand and with an IT
online Degree, you can reward yourself with fulfilling career.
Most businesses nowadays require a website to keep up with their
competitors and are looking for qualified Webmasters, to build,
fix and expand sites on the web for them.

Graphic Designers - well basically you are an online artist with
a license to create marketing materials, websites, magazine
layouts, business logos and well, so much more. Lets face facts,
your creative skills will always be in demand. You will find
that many people work as Graphic designers after receiving their
bachelor's degree, however, if you are looking for the more
technical and dare i say it, best paid Information
Technology Degree is essential.

This one needs no introduction, this is for the child inside us
that always wants to play! Did you know with an IT associate
degree, you will be taught the basics of artist design, project
management, digital creation design and for the more advanced of
you, this can lead to 3D modelling and character how
about a career playing and testing video games, or even go that
extra step and create your own games.

Your IT online degree awaits you!


Stop Your Fears From Holding You Back With An Online College Nursing Degree

Can you believe that around 30 years ago many colleges and
universities were discouraging people from studying nursing, due
to the lack of available positions in the industry. Well haven't
times changed? Now, not only is there a vast shortage of nurses
and a staggering number of available positions in this field,
the advancement of technology since then also means, you are
able to study for an online college nursing degree.

This is an exciting and diverse career available to both men and
women...and for those of you who are unable to attend a college,
for whatever reason, an Online College Nursing Degree is
perfect. So what options are available to you, if you wish to
study an online college nursing degree:-

Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) - you will perform routine care
under the supervision of a registered nurse or doctor.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) - You would have received enough
formal training to be licensed by the state and are qualified to
provide care to patients.

Registered Nurse (RN) - You will require an Associate or
Bachelor Degree provided by formal education.

Masters Prepared Nurse (MSN) - This qualification provides skill
in advanced care and you have a qualification allowing you to

Doctoral Prepared Nurse (PhD or DNS)- In additional to learning
patient care, this degree teaches theory, research and
practicing education skills.

These are just a few of the Online College Nursing Degrees that
are available to you. The possibilities for you are numerous, if
you wish to enter one of the most rewarding and self-gratifying