Graphic Design Online Degree - The Future Isn't So Sketchy!

A Graphic Design Online Degree curriculum will include such
things as the principles of design, studio art and website
design to name but a few. You will need to show good visual,
verbal and written communication skills, creativity, attention
to detail and be adept at problem solving.

With a Graphic Design Online Degree you may look at careers
within advertising, design or publishing firms and if you aquire
additional animation design and website skills, you may find
yourself in demand for interactive media projects.

You will look to develop the content and context of your
client's message in addition to performing technical layout
work. Most employers will also expect you to be familiar and
keep up to date with the development of computer graphics and
design software.

With a 2 year Associates Graphic Design Online Degree, you can
focus on the technical aspects and can qualify as an assistant
to graphic designers or positions that only require technical
skills. A bachelor's graphic design online degree will qualify
you for more advanced graphic design positions. Not only will this
type of degree equip you with the tehnical skills required, but
will also provide an education in social sciences such as art history,
cultural studies, psychology and sociology which you will find
extremely useful when it comes to working effectively with the
content of your work.

The advertising and publishing industries rely heavily on the
skills of graphic designers and there will be much competition
for positions now and in the future. The average earnings for a
qualified graphic designer can vary from $40,000 to $70,000 a
year. You may choose to have a full-time salaried position or
follow many of your peers and work on a contract or freelance

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