Online Degree - Teaching For Those Who Love To Learn

Well if you are going to get an online degree, Teaching could be one of the most rewarding degrees and career paths that you may choose to follow.

Do you have a great deal of patience? Would you consider yourself an excellent communicator? Can you help others to think things through logically or adapt to new technology? If you believe that you can help students develop all important life skills, then an online degree in Teaching is just the start.

So what will you do? You will have to plan and evaluate lessons, prepare your students for tests and exams and also administer these. As a Teacher you will be required to gauge your students performance and potential and help them to develop new skills.

If you wish to be an early childhood or public school teacher, it is desirable that you possess a Bachelor's degree in education, with a particular focus. You should be aware that public and private schools prefer you have a Bachelor's Degree in the subject you intend to teach. Candidates are sought from recent college graduates as well as people who have established careers in other fields.

A Bachelor's Degree will require 4 years of study, whereas Graduate degrees, such as a Masters or PhD will require additional years of study, but this will, of course, open up far more opportunity for you as well as an increased salary.

Early childhood educators can expect a salary from $21,000 per year, whereas kindergarten, elementary, middle and secondary teachers can command in excess of $42,000 per year. Finally the earnings of a postsecondary teacher will be in the region of $53,000 per annum. Please be aware all earnings are dependent on your education and experience.

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Eli said...

A degree in education is the hot ticket these days, since it seems just about everyone wants or needs some sort of education. Since the demand is so high, getting an onine bachelor degree can be just as valid as any other teacher education, as long as it's from an accredited school.