Am I Really The Right Type Of Person To Pursue An Online Degree In Psychology?

If you looking for a career that involves interaction with people, then an online degree in Psychology may be something for you to consider. This could lead to a career in Counselling, Human Resources, Social Work, Advertising, Sales, Market Research or you may even wish to specialize in the field of Psychology.

There are many jobs and careers, where your success depends upon how you interact, understand and relate to other people and as Psychology can be defined as "the scientific study of the human mind and its functions", many employers may view a psychology degree holder in high esteem.

There are many prestigious colleges and universities who offer an online degree in Psychology, whether you are looking for your Bachelors, Masters or PHD. In order to attain your Masters or PHD as an online degree in Psychology, you will need a high school diploma or GED and be 22 years of age or above and have some relevant work experience.

There are various online degrees in Psychology to choose from, your decision will largely depend on your chosen career path. You may be interested in Counselling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology, School Psychology, Organisational Psychology or even General Psychology. Before beginning your Online Degree in Psychology and selecting your major, you may wish to choose a foundation course to help steer you in the right direction.


Priya said...

Can you qualify for a Masters in Psychology...if you don't have a bachelors in the same field, but in a related field with an arts background?

partha said...

Hi Priya,

You can indeed qualify for a Masters in Psychology with a Bachelors degree in another related field.

Although you can study a Masters in General Psychology, you may also opt to specialize in a certain area of Psychology that may be better related to your career aspirations.