Online Degree In Counseling - Do You Realise How Important You Are?

If you are looking to study an online degree in Couseling (Counselling in UK), what will your future look like? Well counselors are trained professionals who assist people with a range of decisions or problems. Theses could be personal, family, career, educational or mental health related.

Your duties will include:-

Completing Risk Assessments or mental health evaluations on clients as required

Providing Care and treatment programs for your clients, as well as liaising with other professionals involved with your clients and also supplying them with up to date documents and case records

Visiting clients on an appointment basis, either at home, hospital or at residential or treatment facilities

Talking with clients and helping them to make informed decisions about their lives, relationships, future goals and aspirations

You are not limited to just pursuing an online degree in Counseling. Many Counselors hold a bachelors degree in either Psychology or Education and have completed relevant counseling classes. If you do not hold a bachelors degree, you may qualify for certain aide positions. However, while a number of states and countries require some graduate level coursework, the majority of counseling positions require you to have a license and a master's degree. As a school counselor, you will be required to hold a state school counseling certification. For non-school counseling your license will consist of two years of 3,000 hours of supervised clinical experience after your master's degree and also the completion of an exam.

The growth of counseling positions over the next ten years will vary depending on which field you have entered. There will be a huge call for counselers specializing in behavioural disorder and substance abuse, however the growth of positions, although rising, will not be as spectacular for school and vocational counsellors. The average salary for counselors specializing in behavioural disorder, mental health and substance abuse is $35,000. Whereas, mental health counselors average $44,000 a year. The higher the level of your education, the higher salary expectations you can have and you will find that the top 15% of counselors command salaries in the region of $57,000 to $73,000 a year. So as you can see an online degree in Counseling can lead to a very rewarding and also profitable career.


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