Forensic Science Online Degree - For All The CSI Enthusiasts!

Does a career in Forensic Science or Crime Scene Investigation appeal to you? Then a Forensic Science Online Degree may be the path you wish to choose.

Shows such as CSI and Law and Order have popularised this profession, which is basically the use of science to aid law enforcement. You will use information acquired from a wide variety of fields such as, biology, chemistry, geology, physics, psychology and social sciences. Your duties will include:-

Collecting and performing tests on evidence found at the scene of a crime

Documenting your findings and preparing reports for investigators

Giving testimonies as an expert witness during court cases

Having studied for a Forensic Science Online Degree, there are number of areas within which you may wish to specialize, such as:-

Ballistics Expert

Crime Scene Examiner

DNA Forensics

Forensic Engineering

Handwriting Expert

Medical Examiner

and many may need to work in labs, but as a field agent you will be required to travel to crime scenes and courtrooms.

Many colleges will offer an Associate's degree in Forensic Science, but you will have better prospects completing a Bachelor's degree. The program will encompass subjects such as criminology, forensic accounting, investigation, jurisprudence, odontology, pathology and toxicology. A degree in Chemistry may also prove more versatile, should you wish to work in forensic science or another chemistry related field. You will find that if you hold a Master's or PhD you will be more highly sought after.

Salaries for forensic scientists range from $28,000 to over $74,000, with the average wage being $46,000. should you have an advanced forensic science online degree and wish to work as a forensic dentist, engineer or pathologist you can command an annual income in excess of $100,000.

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