So How Do You Spot A Fake Or Bogus Online Education Degree Program?

One of the worst things than can happen to you when you are
looking for an online education degree program, is falling for
the hype and getting caught up in a scam or a degree mill. These
forms of online education degree programs are merely selling you
a piece of paper stating that you have a college or university
degree and actually, not any form of legitimate documentation
that would be supplied by an accredited institution.

Many jobs and careers require a college degree nowadays and if
the truth be told, a top level education is probably one of the
most expensive items that you may acquire during your lifetime.
Therefore, many unscrupulous agencies may look to make profit
from unsuspecting indivuals.

So how exactly do you spot a bogus online education degree

Firstly, you will need to make sure that the online college or
university is accredited, by checking with the Council of Higher
Education Accreditation (CHEA). However, this is not enough as
many online degree mills are accredited to make themselves
appear legitimate.

When you do contact the CHEA you need to check that the
institution requires more than you merely providing your
previous academic record and a credit card number. If this is
all that is suspicious!

Many colleges and universities now offer credit for life and
career experience, but no legitmate educational insitution will
offer you, say, a master's or doctorate degree solely based on
previous experience. The maximum credit would usually amount to
10 courses or 30 semester credits. This equates to about one
year of a four year degree.

One of the most obvious signs to look for, would be that you are
guaranteed a diploma or degree in next to no time. You know
yourself, that you have a few years study ahead of you, so if
your certificate will be with you within a matter of weeks, you
have merely purchased a piece of paper and nothing more

Beware of an institution that charges a flat lump sum, e.g.
$2500 for an Associate Degree or $3500 for a graduate degree.
Colleges and Universities tend to charge per credit or per
course tuition period.

Another quick investigation for you, if your suspicions are
aroused by a particular Online Education Degree Program, would
be to check with the online Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see
if there are any complaints lodged against the program that
would lead you to believe it was bogus.

The thing to remember is, there are many, many reputable
programs available, who simply want to help you attain your
dream of achieving a degree. Just make sure you take your time
and look into all these aspects properly. You know in the long
run, it will save you possible heartache, time and money.

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